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Changing colors

As you can see I got a lot of knitting done at the Senior All Night Party! It was fun to watch all the kids having fun with the activities. They had the whole facility and plenty to keep them busy all night. The school had the ceremony inside because of the weather, but it worked out--we got seats right by Ben. We got to see all the graduates walk by.
Back to the sweater (Amherst, by Dolce Handknits) made with Plymouth Fantasy cotton , color #9995. It's going very quickly and the pattern is well-written (easy to follow). I'll have to exchange the brown buttons for some smaller ones. As big as the buttonholes are, they aren't big enough for those! Later today I'll start the left side. It would be fun to wear it on Sunday. Mmm...don't know about that. I'm fast, but maybe not that fast. The color pooling is more subtle than in the photo, so I'm not going to worry about it!
Ben and I have some Euros for the trip and we got our passports ready and some travel-sized sundries. Time to start planning the wardrobe, etc. (it's more about planning for the weather). My inner clock is discombobulated and now I need a nap. It's like having jet lag. Too bad the party wasn't closer to the trip! The first stop--Berlin.


Kathy said...

You sound crazy busy, too. Ben looks good in the cap and gown. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate for an outdoor ceremony.

So, do you guys leave for Germany this weekend? Jim got some Euros for us at the bank the other day. They remind me of Monopoly money.

By the way, your list of projects is making me nervous. How do you keep track? My mind is too simple for that.

Deborah said...

It just looks good in print--believe me. Will we have time for COFFEE a quick pep talk COFFEE before we leave COFFEE? I'll make time for that.