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Guten Morgen!

Today is our run-around day. Preparing for the big adventure! The weather looks pretty good in Berlin. It's been warm this week, but it looks as though we'll get a cool down before we arrive. Two years ago it was very warm.
I have one sleeve done on the Amherst, and the second one is cast on the needles, so I should be able to finish today (if I pay attention and don't have to frog because I increased or decreased in the wrong places--already did that!). Love this pattern! It's been right on the money with stitch counts, etc. Thank you Dolce handknits! I will keep recommending this to my students. It's going to be nice worked up in the cotton. The alpaca in the designer's photo is pretty, but looks too bulky. I used the yarn as is, meaning I didn't use two skeins at once. The pooling is purely random and actually looks more subtle than the photos. I called the airport and got the lowdown on needles. Short ones and I can take circulars (short) on Iceland Air. I figured it was okay (I took needles two years ago, but you never know!).
Here's a little tidbit to creep you out...three nights ago, Jim woke me at 2:30 am and handed me a flashlight, "I think we have a bat in the bedroom." "Whaa...?" "Shine the light over here. (One of the windows.) Now, pull up the shade." "Oh man, he's on the inside! (as I slowly raise the blind (shudder)." Jim has a towel and is poised for the capture of the ratwithwings...he got it and took it outside (the shortened version)...we are settled back in bed. I'm looking at the ceiling..."You're fixing the hole by the ceiling fan." "I think it got in through the garage when I was going in and out." "Did you take it in the front or back?" "Front." "Is it alive or dead?" "Alive." I'm still staring at the ceiling. Jim asks, "What's wrong?" "I'm having an eeewww moment." Jim's my hero. I'm glad the beastie is alive, eating the mosquitoes, and NOT in our bedroom.
Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly, like a tea-tray in the sky. Mad Hatter


Kathy said...

EEEEWWWW! Things that go bump in the night. I would be having some freaky dreams after that.

We've been checking the weather in France, too. It looks like they have had similar weather to MN--yeah, but we'll be in France!

Deborah said...

No kiddin'!