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Guten Morgen!

I'm managing to get my schedule back in sync. We picked up the photos yesterday. One of the rolls was blank, which was upsetting. I'd climbed the Berliner Dom and got spectacular photos (or so I thought). Oh well, the images are filed in my brain. Everything else looked good. The Rothenburg photos are great. I walked around the wall by myself one evening (it was still light out).
I still haven't sewn the buttons on the Amherst. I'll have
to do that today. The knitting scene was disappointing in Germany--yes, yes...I know there are lots of knitters over there, but just not as obvious as before! Also, when we lived overseas, we didn't travel much in the summer (too hot to knit!). There were a few shops, but nothing special like before. The magazines were pretty good, though. I got one filled with stitch patterns and some nice sweaters--especially a little vest. The dollar's tanked so low it's not worth anything. We spent most of our money on great food (that hasn't changed--yum)! In Oberammergau, Ben and I ran across a lady knitting an a cardigan (in her back yard), and she was so nice. The Noro sock yarn was a hit with some of the girls on the trip. The kids were fascinated about the construction of the sock.


Kathy said...

Welcome Home!

I'm anxious to hear all about your trip. We'll have to swap stories soon.

Not much for knitting in France either. One shop that looked interesting was closed for lunch--of course--and one that I went into was acrylic heaven. Oh well. Thanks to the Internet, the world's yarns can come visit us!

Joanne said...

So sorry to hear about your roll of film. What a shame. When I was in Switzerland and Paris several years ago, I found great yarn in department stores, not acrylic either. :)