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Rainy day

Last Friday was my birthday. Jim spoiled me a few years back with cake from a particular bakery and now I have to have one every year. Even though I could have had enough candles on the top to create enough light to be visible from outer space, I kept it simple so I wouldn't ruin the lovely decorations! Jim got me a very cool toy--a Pulse Smart Pen. I can draw piano keys on the special paper and play! It's fun to work with and I have lots to learn.
Brigid is going
well, although I'm still not done with the back. Kathy and I had a KAL on my birthday. She got me some chocolate and made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing and huge cups of coffee. It was a good day. I had to frog back a few rows. It wasn't the cables--that's the easy part! Those doggone edge panels in the easy knit/purl pattern! What a pain. I fixed it a couple of times, but mucked it up nicely and said the heck with it and frogged. Now it's fine and I'm making progress again. Marie Mayhew was at the shop on Saturday. I got three patterns and some yarn (yes, more yarn) for some pumpkins, gnomes, and birds. Fun, fast projects. Herr Kurbis will be pleased to have more company.
This weekend is the Fall Festival at the shop. I'll be demonstrating spinning. I hope the weather is nice. It's rainy today. A good knitting day.

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