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Happy dance for cables!

I've made it through the first section of cables for St. Brigid and it's been fun. I love this pattern so far. It's just challenging and easy enough for an enjoyable knitting experience. I love the yarn--it's light and easy to use, no breaks thus far, and the color is wonderful. The color flecks create subtle visual interest. I may have to order the Herring colorway for something. I can only imagine what that must look like knitted up.
I took the book (Aran Knitting) back to the library yesterday (
boo). I wrote to Interweave Press asking why the book isn't in print any more and if Alice Starmore has plans to release a "best of" book. I received a response very quickly and it was nix to both. I think that's sad. Her designs are so classic and just beautiful. The new generation of knitters would learn much from her knowledge of knitting history and well-designed garments. When I worked at Woolenworks in Texas they carried all her books. At the time, a $40 knitting book was too much for my budget. Now the darned books goes for over $240--used! Crikey! That's ridiculous! I comforted myself by going to Half Price Books and found a stitch dictionary for $6.98. It's quite a nice little book with lots of info and 300 stitch patterns. Lots of bang for the buck. The bookmark is for Ben's next goody box.


Kathy said...

Now you're cooking! The pattern is a good blend of have-to-pay-attention and don't-have-to-pay-attention. I've decided to knit one less repeat of the big cable design before I cast off for shoulders. It's one of the few benefits of being short, I guess.

Joanne said...

Wow! This is a great project. I agree about the book.