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Excelsior and chocolate

What a lovely weekend! On Friday it was cool enough to wear my new sweater and it was perfect. Ben's gainfully employed this summer and we'll still be able to see him, as he won't be too far away. On the way home, we saw this lovely sunset.
On Saturday Kim, Kris, Joanne, and I took a little road trip to Excelsior to visit Coldwater Collaborative, a yarn shop. The town is charming. There was an art fair going on, lots of folks were at the lake anyway because of the gorgeous weather, and it was wall-to-wall people. The shop was so nice. It's in an old house, so the atmosphere was cozy. I found a couple of booklets on sale--I didn't need any more yarn--more about that later...
I took photos of some of the flowers outside the shops and restaurants. The colors in the bright sunlight were very intense. Kim and I had rustic pizzas with bacon, apple, Gorgonzola, feta, and walnuts. With unlimited organic iced tea--the perfect summer lunch!
As we drove into town, we noticed a huge sign on a hill that read CHOCOLATE. We made sure to hit that on the way out of town. I got some English toffee, dark chocolate almond bark, one peanut butter cup, and one dark chocolate Grand Manier truffle. As you can see, we're all smiles! There was a Caribou Coffee around the corner, so we got iced tea for the ride home. It was a fun day.
Today started my summer class hours. Kim
and I met before class and sat outside the coffee shop.


Joanne said...

ooohhhhh, chocolate and a coffee shop! I am so there. :) Yum! The yarn shop sounded great too. Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun day! So, how was the yarn store? It's close to my sister's, but I've never stopped. There's nothing like having people waiting impatiently in the car while you want to look at yarn. You probably know how that goes.

I like the new sweater, too. The sock monkey head is somehow a little disturbing though.

Deborah said...

It's a nice little shop. The owner was very friendly. She had pretty samples up.

Sock Monkey's harmless. He was just a bit too small for the sweater, but wanted to be in the photo. Monkeys can be pesky, you know!

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, it sounds like your day was a real success, sunshine, chocolate and art, wool, and friends, a winning combination. Hope you are well. hugs Margie.