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I had such fun on
sheep shearing day at Shepherd's Choice. I was spinning under the trees and took time to tie dye a dress and skirt. That's always fun to do. The sheep and llama were very cooperative models, too.
The tweed cardi (#994) is going quickly. Top down construction is great
because it's nice to be able to try on the garment as it's knit and then adjustments are easier, if needed. I think I may go shorter on the length. I'm going through my button stash to see what would go and I'm liking red buttons. The yarn reminds me of sock monkey socks. Speaking of the yarn, I like this quite a bit. I've made a cabled Aran from the traditional cream color, but I think the new tweeds and brown solid are much nicer. I may have to get some brown tweed for another basic sweater. The price per skein is great and there's so much yardage per skein. I am just now into the second skein and the body is over 22" long! At $8.99 per skein, that's a bargain.
Today is going to be fun. Carol from the LYS invited me to go to a felting class at the Textile Center in Minneapolis. I've wanted to go there since forever and doing a class is icing on the cake. We'll have so much fun. I'm taking the camera
and hope to get some photos of our creations!

I can't forget the chicken! I finally got a good photo of it.

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Joanne said...

Looks like you had a great day spinning! Wonderful dye jobs on the dress and skirt. I love the sweater too, I like knitting from the top down, no seams when you are done. OOOOO, a felting class, sounds wonderful.