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The Give a Hoot mittens I started for Kathy are finally finished!  We had coffee on Friday.  It was good to see her and catch up.  She gave me some hand warmers that are so darned cute!  It is still a bit cold, so I will zap them in the microwave and take a walk.  Speaking of mittens, I liked the pattern and mittens so much I made a pair for myself.  Using the needles according to the pattern, they are a perfect fit.  I sized down for Kathy's--she has very tiny hands.  Now to change the owl to a bear...I think this would be a nice cable to use in a Wood Badge project...hum...wheels are turning...
Who two--my mittens.

Who one--Kathy's mittens.

Ben spent the past two weeks in Texas and is now has his commission.  The patrol got top honors--go Super Scout!  He remembered quite a lot about Texas and it is hard to believe we left over 13 years ago!

Yesterday we had a delicious Indian meal prepared by the family of Jim's colleague.  The appetizer, Pani Puri, set the stage.  Wonderful flavors and spices.  We had rice, flat bread, and then three dishes to try.  The cold yogurt soup counter balanced the spices of the main dishes.  The dessert was rice pudding and Gulab Jamun.  Our hosts are such a nice young family; I enjoyed picking out a gift for their little boy.  He was excited to have company and seeing him brought back memories of Ben at age three.  They were our guests at Thanksgiving and little one enjoyed Ben's trains.  He wanted to be sure the Thomas tunnel set we brought would stay with him!

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