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I just posted my yarn colors for the mystery bag on Ravelry and thought I'd show them off here. The pink and orange came from a jockey's silks I saw on the Kentucky Derby last weekend. I like them together. I hope this is worth it! On the Bowknot front, I'm into the chart and it's going well. I like the fabric the knitting technique is creating. It's nice and tweed-y.
I'm excited about today...the shop is having an event after Friendship Friday for fishing widows. Jim doesn't fish, but I'm going anyway! There will be wine and goodies, which is always nice! Tomorrow is the Shepherd's Harvest Festival and Zinnia Bouquet and I will be there. I think I'd like to get a new drop spindle, if I can find one I like. Rachel from Shepherd's Choice is borrowing my dress form for her grandmother's Latvian costume. I can't wait to see that! Sadly, I won't be with Ben on Mother's Day. We spoke for a long time yesterday. He's busy finishing his papers. This term he's got writing-intensive classes. He'll also be very busy on his birthday. I have to finish his little care package to send. He'll be home soon, and we are excited for that!
This week I was able to get a photo of the duck couple. They are so cute and I love when visit us.

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Joanne said...

Your colors for the KAL are wonderful. Your ducks are great too. OOOOOOO, the sweater is looking good too.