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Aranmor sadness

'Rub-a-dub-dub Mother C. went to the tub to get her poor Aranmor a skein
When she got there the tub was bare and so her poor Aranmor had none
...And she was really ticked off!'
Sigh...the life of a knitter is not an easy one.  At least with paint, I can go out and get another tube of the same "dye lot" and be done with it.  Knitting?  NooooooOOOOOoooooo!  I was so careful to check yardage ahead of time and my gauge is spot on to Ms. Starmore's (quite an accomplishment, if I say so myself).  I spent the morning looking online to search nationally and internationally for a few skeins--I need only 1, but am NOT taking chances.  I found a lot of 8, three will be sufficient to finish.  I am checking to make sure the order went in, even though I got an order number.  Overkill, I know, but one must not take chances with discontinued yarn!  The body is finished and I was almost to the saddle on the second sleeve when I stuck my hand in the tub--horrors!--worse than a slasher movie.  Well, at least in my opinion right now.  Until I have the yarn in my hot little hands, I will not rest easy.  That would be a cold, dark dive into the frog pond.  
Daisy Bowl
Enough of that!!  I have an entrelac class tonight.  I hand felted the daisy bowl.  It is very cute, just as I thought it would be.  I will leave the pink/green/white bowl unfelted and then I have two bowls in progress so I can work with the students as they progress.  The Quant pattern is ready and I have to steam the first sample (knit in Noro Kureyon from Kathryn).  I like it better than I did at first.  I knitted it exactly like the pattern.  On the shop sample, I modified the ends to match.  There are lots of modifications on Ravelry, which is handy!

The bronchitis is barely hanging on and annoying.  This week will be week 3 of it and it is time to get better.  It just needs another nudge to get out of my system.  Over-the-counter meds just treat the symptoms, so another visit to Dr. V. is in order.  If I go on Thursday, I can see his therapy dog, Rufus.  I love Rufus and he always makes me feel better.  "Dog pills."

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Joanne said...

The Daisy bowl is GREAT! Wonderful job.

I am really sorry about the yarn. Ug. BUT, I am so glad that you found some on-line. Thank God for the internet! :)