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Art in Bloom

The last of winter melted away yesterday with a visit to the MIA.  My friend, Lynne, and I spent the rainy day at the museum taking in the Titian exhibit before it goes away and it was also cool to watch the floral artists set up for the Art in Bloom exhibit all over the museum.  Florists chose works of art as inspiration and arranged flowers to display along side the art.  Lovely colors, textures, and smells!
A nod to Alenander Calder

This is the painting to the left of...

Renoir is to her right.
This one was so beautiful and captured the light and color of the painting.
Ahhh, Monet...

This was a clever and very Americana interpretation
of Grant Wood's work.

Chagall needed no flowers!
Lynne's friend did this arrangement beside the monkey.

The art teacher at CRHS made her vase and arrangement.
This was one of my favorites--simple and elegant.

The Quant is finished!
I finally got photos of the dreaded headband.  I like the Great Adirondack yarn much better than the Noro for the project.  I used the pattern modification to make both ends the same.  The left sleeve of the Aranmor is almost finished and I started the cuff of the right sleeve.  Light at the end of the tunnel--at last!  The weather is still dreary today, which is fine--I do not have class until later.  I hope the rain stays away during the baseball game, as Jim and some colleagues from work took the train into the city to see the Twins play.
I like the pattern modification to make the ends match
A sleeve and a cuff
I have a lot of catching up to do.  I lost a few days with being miserable.  Bronchitis = ugh!  We received some "medicine" in the mail the other day from Bernd and Angelika--Ritter Sports and Milka chocolate bars, a chocolate bunny, and Milka eggs with little purple spoons for scooping out the cream centers of the eggs!  That will make me feel better really quickly!  Danke!

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Joanne said...

The interpretations the florists did of the paintings are gorgeous! What a treat to see(and smell) that. Quant looks great too. The Aranmor is absolutely gorgeous, you are doing a wonderful job on it.