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It's Sunday, Ben's home, Eevee's happy, and all is well...

Ben's home!! We went to the airport yesterday afternoon and along with other families welcomed our boys home. They had a great time. Ben met his goal by visiting as many different countries as possible. He managed to trade for a Scottish uniform shirt and many neckerchiefs and patches. He purchased a little Westminster Abbey for my shadow box and some Stroopwafels from Holland. Those won't last! He was stunned to see the car in the garage. He drove us out to eat last night.
Now back to knitting...the bamboo socks are going well. I figured out the German band heel and love it. No gusset--it's all short rows by working
double stitches. Rather than W&T, you slip as if to purl on the RS or WS and pull the working yarn back to create the double stitch. When the heel's done, it looks like an indented diagonal band from the ankle to the side of the heel. It fits my narrow heels perfectly with no bunching. It's nice not to have to pick up stitches along the heel flap. Leave it to the Germans to engineer something like that! I'm almost to my toes and will probably get one done if class isn't too busy today. The PB is on hold. I just got tired of working on it.

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Joanne said...

The DOT bag looks great! Angel did a great job on it. Your socks are wonderful too! Love that bamboo sock yarn. Where did you hear about that heel? When done, will you take a picture of your foot wearing them, so I can see how that heel fits?