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Wow--it's Friday already! Penelope is making rapid progress. I've split for the front and back. In about 2 1/2", I'll be working the neck shaping. I keep looking at the red sweater, but haven't picked it up seriously, yet. There's a website you must check out. Alice and Jade Starmore have a line of yarn and patterns. It would be worth every penny to knit up one of their patterns with that beautiful yarn! (virtualyarns.com)
Pizza's on the menu for tonight. I'm making the dough now. Jim planted tomatoes, so I'll put some on along with some sauce, sweet onions, and cheese.

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Kathy said...

Testing, testing.

Your sweater looks great. Sounds like you're reaching the obsessive stage of knitting a sweater--when you can sense you're getting to the end and you can't put it down. I'm there right now w/my shawl. Must knit...