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FO Friday!

I thought I would post some finished objects before they go in the mail!  I have some more ornaments (with more that need to be stuffed), cozies, and coasters ready for finishing, too.
Class is going well, I have aced my quizzes and posted assignments.  Also, I posted some samples of my work on the discussion board.  Lesson 8 was posted today and there are four lessons after that.  Time flew by!  My next big task is to finish up my schedule through June for Amazing Threads.  i am excited about starting classes, soon and noticed a post on Ravelry about the Groupon!  I am ready.  The Polymer Clay class at Creative Souls is full, I have the clay and tools ready.  We will focus on faces with a Christmas theme--snowmen!  I have some components ready from a previous class, which will help with the demonstration and speed things along so students can get creative and have fun.
Jim and I are having a get-together on Sunday and I have to get the house ready...we put up the tree last Sunday, I strung lights a couple of days ago, and it is time to finish decorating.  Last night was Round Table and I made a delicious Dutch Oven apple cobbler.  I used Braeburn apples and they held their crispness nicely.  It was a typical apple crisp recipe, but I loved the nutmeg and ginger in addition to the cinnamon in the topping.  I used Craisins instead of raisins and cut a couple of tablespoons of butter out.  Actually, I was too lazy to get more butter from the other freezer.  It smelled and tasted heavenly!  There is one serving left in the refrigerator...I believe I hear it calling my name!
Ornaments for giving.  (Except for the one on the lower
right--that was my first.) 
Flossie Bear detail.  A very fun project to knit.  She
needs some stuffing and her ears stitched.

I found the Cuddle Cloth pattern on Ravelry. You can find
Frankie's site here.

This was an irresistible find at Home Goods.  Although it is a
baby blanket, the charming animals reminded me of
Wood Badge critters, and is a perfect lap blanket without
bulk when I sit at the computer.  How can one resist the cuteness?

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