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Post-Christmas thoughts

We had a picture-perfect Christmas this year. The snow is so pretty and really set the stage for the holiday. Speaking of the holiday--my guys liked the socks, mittens, and hat (for Ben). Now I have to go back and finish writing the pattern for the hat.
Because we almost ran out of cookies, I baked another batch of cut-outs using Grandma's large pig cookie cutter and my little one. This time I flavored the butter cream icing with mint. (We still haven't hammered our peppermint pig, yet!) We had supper with friends on Christmas eve, went to church (it was fun to play bells at the candlelight service) and actually waited to open presents until Christmas day. We took lunch over to Mom, and then came home to get ready for company. I finally made Roladen, potato balls, and red cabbage yesterday, so we managed to get our traditional food in!!
I hit the stores for bargains--nothing much impressive, though. JoAnn's had some cute wood ornaments that make great gift tags, and the trays are better than tins for cookies--I was happy.
The Faye is almost sewn together...no rush...it'll be done when it's done! I'm contemplating buttons right now. Also, when it was sunny, I observed the landscape and color--the Christmas money may go toward yarn for a Lopi cardigan (with steeks--can't avoid them forever) in winter landscape colors. I made sure to write them down, and the possibilities are endless for combinations of the six colors I chose.

Photo from Lopi book #16


Kathy said...

Love the pigs! You're a baking inspiration. Sounds like we need to make a yarn run after the guys get back to school. I don't need anything, but Jim got me a gift card at Amazing Threads. (Yes, I dropped some hints.)

Happy New Year!

Joanne said...

I love seeing that Minnesota sky with the snowy/icy trees in the forground. Gorgeous! Brings back all kinds of great memories for me.