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2008 Good news, bad news

Good news--the Lopi sweater isn't as bad as I thought, Ben kicked butt in his races last night, I have the stump ready to send to the woodcarver in Texas, the Christmas stuff is put away, the house is relatively clean, there's still snow on the ground, this is the last weekend of Christmas break.
Bad news--the Lopi sweater is not in the take-along stage, despite amazing races the team lost by only TWO points, we've got a thaw coming, I have to ready the house for the first
swim party tomorrow night after the invitational meet in the afternoon, this is the last weekend of Christmas break.
What the heck, swim season is progressing well. The sleeves
to the sweater shouldn't be a big deal. I'm thinking this would have been a great opportunity to use steeks, but I'm NOT going to re-knit the body of this sweater--I'll wait for the winter landscape cardigan (it's in the planning stage--colors and pattern chosen, but no yarn, yet), this is a great opportunity to some winter household cleaning, we made it through the holidays, and it's a new year!

Snowshoeing on New Year's Eve.


Nancy K. said...

Hi Deborah ~

I'm so glad that you left a comment on my blog and that I followed the link here. I love your blog!! How is it that I've never seen it before? May I put a link to it on my blog?

I envy your knitting talent! Perhaps you will inspire me to move beyond shawls & throws....

Deborah said...
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