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Those of you that know me already know that I'm the goddess of frogging. The charcoal, blue, and red are the same, but the green and pink are new. The gold and green heather weren't cutting it for me. Now I have a jumble of blue and gold yarn in my knitting bag to rewind, but I like these colors better. When I chain stitch over the circles, I may inject another color...with the body and sleeves a solid color instead of stripes, I can get away with embellishing the color bands. Fair Isle over larger areas takes a little practice; the floats in back are longer--some are over 4-5 stitches. The first time it was too loose, so I went down a needle size. I just need to remember to go up one size when I get to the body. I love mindless, straight chart knitting over Fair Isle and cables.
MiniD and JoJo have decided to come out of hiding. When we first moved up here, I made a MiniD for Joanne and one for my sister, and sent them along with some cookies and tea. I used to ride along in the cup holder of the car with my sister and Mom when they'd gallivant in Ohio--she called it the Debbie-doll. A few months after I sent me to Joanne, I received a JoJo doll and a pet sheep. They've been to yarn shops and classes. I think they'll have to go on the retreat and maybe even to Germany this year. I'm not sure what's up with JoJo's hair today, though. Is it humid in Texas, Joanne? The pattern is from an old issue of Interweave Knits. They're smaller than the Knitted Babes. I'm thinking we need to add a new BFF for the girls named Kathy. What do you think?

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Joanne said...

I love that MiniD is your avatar! Well, JoJo's hair is as frustrating as my hair. :) You could try to smooth it down. LOL!