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The bonus UFO for the day is--(drum roll please...)--Circles, Bobbles, and Stripes from Kristin Knits. I needed instant knitting gratification (well, maybe not instant). Mine's just going to be circles and bobbles with a few stripes. I need take-along projects for the pool, and don't want to take socks. So far, so good...it's a matter of reading a chart over 210 stitches right now (lots of repetition so I can watch Ben swim. The markers indicate where I increased 20 stitches because I have to decrease 20 when the chart is finished. Normally, I'd use bright colors, but I thought I'd try something different. If I haven't already said so--I LOVE this book. The projects are easy and playing with color is always fun. Those familiar with my sweater wardrobe know I'm a fan of Kristin Nicholas. The body of my sweater (sans stripes) will be out of the charcoal tweed. (It's all Cascade 220.) I did go down one needle size for the beginning and down another for the Fair Isle section to make the gauge. Kris from my Sunday class says I always say, "gauge and block, gauge and block." True, I do.
Kathy, the olives are soooo good!

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