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Rather than post photos of my simply mah-velous FOs, I decided to show the other side of my knitting--some of the dreaded UFOs!! Yes folks, here are a few of the many undone projects that abound in our home. I felt guilty and wondered why--when I looked up those eyes were staring at me from the basket atop the tubs of yarn and fiber. Those poor snowmen look like ghosts! Maybe I could just save them for Halloween. Jack-O might like to have them around in October.
Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Maybe I'll feature a UFO of the Day this week!

Today's featured project--Pansy Sweater
Originally knit in 1990 from Susan Duckworth's Knitting, this fine-gauge, 23-color intarsia beauty is in the process of re-seaming. Love this project, but didn't like the seams--I use it as an example of bad seaming technique when I teach. What I really wish I had is a photo of the back when the bobbins were hanging!

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