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Time to split

Since my last post--I took a little dip into the frog pond and fixed the decrease row. It looks much better to decrease in the row before the garter ridge. Now I'm ready to bind off the stitches for the back and begin the front. (Yea!) I took the photo when I started the back--it's now 8.5" deep for the armhole.
Yesterday w
as the True Team Swim Meet. Our boys took third overall, which is great. Ben ended up with four medals. He was pleased, but would rather drop more time in the 100 breaststroke. When a swimmer is at a plateau it's frustrating for them. We had fun and all the boys did, too. The last home meet is on Thursday, which is parent/senior night. We're already preparing for the banquet!
Back to knitting...I really like the tweed yarn. I'm hoping this looks as good as I picture it! Now that it's split, I can wiggle into it. After the Penelope Blouse disaster I'm wary of pullovers. We'll see. As I'm nearing the halfway mark, I'm planning the neck color. I'll use the red for the garter ridge, and I'm debating the turtleneck color. That can be tricky. I love the color band at the bottom, which will draw the eye down (around my butt...mmmm), maybe it would be wise to pull the blue or green up to my face to take the eye AWAY from my butt. Yep, I think that's the plan.

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Kathy said...

Looks like you're flying on your sweater. Sounds like a lot of poolside knitting. I love that black tweed yarn.

I spent the weekend doing some spinning--that and nursing some kind of bug. I'm on the last bits of the brown fleece. Once I have the naturals in hanks, I'll post a pic.