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Done and More Undone

My first feature for the day is the (FO) Wooly Nest Ornament, a kit by Marie Mayhew. I met her last month at the shop during a trunk show of her projects. I fell in love with this one. It comes as a kit. I'd never heard of this tradition in Germany (maybe it's from a particular region), but it's very sweet and I'll keep mine out all year! I needle-felted the eggs while watching The Bourne Supremacy--bad idea--I caught my thumb and index finger too many times! The yarn is alpaca and very soft. Marie also designed the snowmen that I have yet to finish. They are the ghostly figures in yesterday's post.
My second feature is the (UFO) pair of Kaffee Fasset socks I began whilst visiting colleges with Ben over the summer. The other sock is an undone bonus--bamboo socks. Only one of these so far. I love socks only when they're done quickly. I dislike knitting th
em on toothpicks, but I was attractedmesmerizedandbewitched by the colors (as usual) and succumbed to them. (Sigh...)


Kathy said...

Last fall I saw those nests online and thought I would try to make my own w/o a pattern. It wasn't too bad--needed some tweaking. The original ended up in the garbage, however. Your's looks great. Don't you love the color of the eggs? Speaking of color--love the socks.

As you know, I'm not a UFO-er. Not much of a stasher either. Despite all my many faults, I am disciplined about finishing projects. One good side effect of being an anal person.

Would you like to have coffee on Friday? Send me an email if you're up for a break.

Joanne said...

Hi there, I think you would like knitting 2 socks at a time on one circular needle, using the magic loop method. When done you are done. Kind of like 2 sleeves at a time. Also, the circular needle is cool too. It took a while to get used to it, but I really like it now!

Hmm. Wish I could've gone to coffee with you guys. :)