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Need a break

It's been quite a week...swim team parent drama (Jim's diffusing that situation), Ben's been sick, a worker at assisted living lost Mom's hearing aids. (Which they are going to replace, by the way. I already have her appointment lined up.) Not much knitting. I had the increases almost finished on a sleeve, but sometime between 10 pm last night and 6:30 am this morning I have magically gained an extra stitch (grrrr!). The knitting elves must've paid me a visit last night and messed around. Gee, I wish they'd finish the Lopi and the Faye cardigans! Mmm, maybe not. That extra stitch thing--they might make things worse!
Good things ahead--Kathy's picking me up and we're going out! First stop is for coffee. I'd post a photo today, but it doesn't seem to be working. Greaaat...hey, it worked! That expression about sums things up for the week--baaah!


Kathy said...

Hope you had a good break today. Coffee and yarn hugging makes everything seem better, doesn't it?

Don't let those swim parents get you down--or you could have your private awards ceremony poolside and give out concrete shoes for prizes!

Deborah said...

Oh, yes...yarn hugging is good. Thanks for the new toy. I started playing with it. Very cool. Hey, I like the idea for prizes!