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The most recent project is at the boring part, so I'll feature a project from Two Sticks and a String, by Kerry Ferguson that I dipped deeply into the frog pond to retrieve. The yarn is really quite lovely, Classic Elite's Skye Tweed (now discontinued) in tartan red. I'll eliminate the pockets--no sense adding any more bulk around the hip area. The cables are fun to knit, but I ran into problems with the center back cable--the designer was two stitches off, and without a chart it was a pain to work out. Charts for cables are so much easier than written instructions for me. Mmm...just thinking about the Lopi cardigan. That one may go relatively quickly, given that the bulk of the knitting to be done is the sleeves. The bands and collar are solid, so no problem there. Need buttons, though.
I let my students know that I took a stack of my knitting books to Half Price Books. It's time to weed out the things I don't use around here. Ben is headed off to college in the fall and it's just time to do that!
See? I told you it was at the boring part.

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Kathy said...

I love that cable pattern. I might have to borrow that some time. You've got a lot of irons in the fire.

Are we still on for tomorrow?