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Diving in head first!

Swim season began with a big splash! On Saturday the boys took third place in the conference relay meet. It's wonderful, because they came in behind two of the toughest teams in the Northwest Suburban Conference and ahead of two of their rivals! That's a great way to start off the season. Jim and I volunteered during diving, so we spent most of the day at the pool.
Now, let's back up a bit. On Monday, I finished the cards. Tuesday, I braved the snowstorm to finish up some last-minute shopping and took lunch to Mom. On Wednesday, I wrapped the gifts and packed them for mailing, which I did in the early afternoon (of course, that means waiting in line and being captive of some old guy attempting to engage me in a conversation about the crappy current state of the world--sorry buddy, not gonna happen). I was so happy to be finished mailing (although I have to finish translating some letters to German). That evening, I had the brilliant idea to invite the swim team over for a spaghetti supper on Friday. By Thursday, that idea fell under the "what was I thinking" category. Friday I spent cleaning and cooking. The boys that came after practice really enjoyed it. We had a good time, and it's a great way to begin the season and prep for a party in January and the big spaghetti dinner we will be hosting later before varsity sections. The boys will be in taper by then and pretty squirrelly. Sunday we played bells for two services (being ready to set up and practice at 7:30 am), Jim and Ben ushered the second service while I dashed home to change so we could cut down our Christmas tree before my classes. I walked into the shop around the stroke of 12, just in time. Whew! The trees (we got Ben a real one this year) are up and at least have lights on them. That's as far as I got last night.
The Faye is blocked, so I'll use it as a teaching tool today for seaming today.
Kathy, check out my mittens in the photo!


Kathy said...

Whew! I'm worn out just reading about your schedule. You need a little me-time with coffee talk--see you tomorrow.

Damn cute mittens!

Joanne said...

Felted mittens woo-hoo! I got to wear my felted mittens today( and my Einstein coat). :) It was 24 when I woke up and I am in TX! Of course, it got up to about 50 today. I love seeing the snow pics, reminds me that somewhere there are people really living with snow, not just brown grass. Heehee!