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Twists and turns

Naturally I couldn't knit a project without making mistakes! I was on a roll with my cables on the SB's peplum, and twisted the large cables the wrong way. It really doesn't matter, so I just left them. At the bottom you can't really see the twist, so what the heck! Cables in a straight line are fairly easy to fix, but traveling cables are a bear to take out and fix. Case in point--the capelet from IK's Wrap Style I made last year. I had to take out an inch of knitting with over 300 stitches--I didn't make that mistake again!! I'm now on track and already to the third twist of the larger cables. I'm so happy that Kristin Knits is out. I got my copy at the shop and of course, I love it. The projects really reflect Kristin's wonderful use of color. The designs are simple, but the use of color adds a complex element that I love.
I promised photos from Halloween night. I couldn't find my special knife, so I had to use a regular one--that's why the faces are plain. I like the effect--I had the votive in a gold holder and one in a red holder. The window cover was from Target last year. I put the lamp close to the moon and the effect was pretty cool. Next year I'll use the other one (a graveyard scene) and then all four windows will be covered. Today, Jim's putting up the lights because next week it'll be too cold. Yess! Sweater time!!

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Kathy said...

Waiting for our flight at the Vegas airport, so I'm killing some time on the Internet with my iPod. Sorry about the trouble with your cardigan. By the time I see you again, you will be wearing it. Get your sewing skills ready--you will need them.
Your place looked great for Halloween. Bravo on the effort.
See you soon!