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Beware--it's Jack-O in a skirt? No! It's-it's Jack-O surrounded by the SILVER BELLE! Ohmygosh, those gnarled tangles of cables will soon choke him. Run for your life Jack...oh the humanity! Hey, this might look more attractive on him than on me. Well, that's about as scary as my knitting can get right now. Kathy's looked so good, I decided to dive in and work on mine.
Tonight's going to be a great night for Trick or Treat. Cold and windy. I have to carve my pumpkins today. I'll post photos of those later. It's time to get out the rest of the decorations for tonight.


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Kathy said...

You're flying on that cardigan. Sorry, but that picture looks like one scary Halloween wreath. My only advice for the pattern is to do the three buttons instead of two. I put two, and it's okay, but three would be better. I've even seen pictures where three pull a bit. I think it's the nature of the beast.

We're off to Vegas tomorrow. I'll email you when I get home, and we'll have some coffee.
Happy Halloween!