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I finished the little Knitting for Peace sweater last night. Naturally, I didn't do the pattern that was included with the yarn--didn't like it. I found this one while browsing the freebee websites http://www.margarethubertoriginals.com/CHILDBLUE.html and it's perfect for this project! The sleeve was a bit wide and short, so I picked up half the stitches and made cuffs. Next time I'll CO half and knit for six rows, and then increase for the sleeves. Today I'll make a run to Shepherd's Choice and pick up another kit. The Blue Sky yarn is wonderful.
We had fun at the 10th Anniversary of the troop last Sunday. Here's one of the cakes that a troop mom decorated. It was freezing cold and damp, but that didn't stop us. Some of the older boys came back and one even had a part in one of the adults' skits. He was Little Ole, who "vanted to be a Boy Scout," in the Ole, Lena, and Sven skit. Lena's played by a bearded man, which is hilarious in itself!
So far it's been a nice long weekend. The kids are out for MEA. We did a second visit to Gustavus with a side trip to the yarn store. I started a punch card "just in case" I'm there more often after September '08!

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