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I spent the day yesterday putting up some of the decorations. I always enjoy the town. I have another train, station, and ship--but there's only so much room on the TV cabinet. I'd have a photo of Jack O'Lantern, but he's in lots of pieces right now. It's a putzy project, but the shaping is interesting and fun to knit. I think the end result will be great. Naturally, the color I chose for his jacket was in one of the smaller leftover balls. I had to get another skein to finish his jacket. Now, if he wants a wife, I'll have enough for her jacket. If he doesn't want I wife, I'll knit him a pet in that color!


Kathy said...

Your village looks great. Please don't finish Romy before I do. You're going to make me look bad.

Joanne said...

OK, Deb and Kathy it is a challenge, who will finish first?? LOL!