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Knitting rant...

I was just working on the little charity sweater. Something's clicked with that. I actually enjoy it!! I'm also excited about refinishing the pansy sweater.
Here's the deal...lately, I've not enjoyed many of my projects (or anyone else's!). The Bianca's Jacket was about the only one I've liked well enough (heavens--I made two of them). It's frustrating as a knitting instructor to come across poorly written patterns, of which I'm seeing more and more. The books in the bookstore are boring (how many "fun and funky" projects can one do?) and knitting lingerie is ridiculous--I don't want my knitting on my body where the sun don't shine--eeewww! I may never knit one of those glorious sweaters from that Kaffee Fasset boo
k, but I can still remember how I felt when I saw those designs. It made knitting exciting. Don't get me wrong--there were some real stinkers out there, too. It's funny to look through my old books and see the big hair and big silhouettes. People would write in and complain about the lack of style and sizes of the designs in the 1980s, too. I have high hopes for Kristin Knits, which I ordered from Borders. I've always liked her color work and designs. It's supposed to arrive on Halloween, so we shall see...
There, I feel better. Thanks!
Detail of pansy sweater with watercolor effect.


Kathy said...

Read your rant--if it makes you feel any better, I love Ann Budd's book on socks. I just finished my first sock and even though I know how to knit socks, I learned some new things. That's a chick that does her research.

By the way, I keep forgetting to ask--how did you edit the html to widen the borders on your blog. I know you have your own tech guy there. Cheater!

Deborah said...

I like Ann Budd, too. I have her other sweater and accessory books.
I used the Lefty Stretch template on Blogger. It just comes out that way. Jim has no clue about this stuff. I did it by myself!! Way cool, huh?