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Ben gave his speech last night. He is very good at public speaking. It's amazing how many of the professional scouters and businessmen and women know him since he became Outstanding Eagle Scout--I just HAD to too his horn because we're sooo proud of him.
Anyway, we're enjoying the lovely weather. Wouldn't the colors in the photo make a pretty Fair Isle combination? I'm working on the little sweater and need to felt Ben's slippers tonight. I'm a bit burned out on large projects right now. Oh, I did bite the bullet and began to un-sew the Susan Duckworth pansy sweater. So far, so good. Eesh! I'm horrified at my sewing technique. I did have an excuse--Ben was a baby, we'd just moved back to the USA, and were building our first house. The image on the left is the outside and the one on the right is the inside--my knitting technique is really good. I must've been nuts--23 colors on separate bobbins. It's gorgeous, although the photos don't do the colors justice. I swear the yarn is as thin as some sock yarn. I'll be happy when I fix it--then I can show it off with pride.

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Kathy said...

I've never seen your pansy sweater before. Very good job. You know, I think knitting is like golf. You make bogey after bogey and then one good shot and you're back the next week--I knit an intricate cabled cardigan and think I've got it together, and then I can't for the life of me figure out a pattern called "Everyone Can Knit It Sweater." I think I might try your Internet freebie instead for the donated pullover. We should have some good projects for show and tell by the time we see each other again!