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It's that time of year--clogs and socks! I made Ben a pair in Scout green and red. I have one sewn together, as you can see. I like to make Baba's Bed Socks better than the clogs. They're fast on the needles and I can knit a sock during a swim meet! None of those pesky short rows and losing my place hassles like the clog pattern.
Once I finish the charity sweater, I'll revisit my red and green cardigans befo
re I start the new stuff.
The swim season is gearing up and I have to get some sign-up sheets made. Today I have to go through the box and work on the t-shirt design.

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Kathy said...

I want to see what your clogs look like once they're felted. You look like you have Hobbit feet!

You must be on your second charity sweater. I got the rest of my pattern and guess I will finish this one the way they want it made. It looks a little silly, but I thought maybe there was a reason for the style. Did you ask them on Saturday when you were there?