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Getting Stitched

Stuff and stitch is the name of the game today. J's sitting in Ben's little rocker, so you can see his height. I was sewing together one of the hands and when I snipped the yarn tail I caught the knitting--crumb! I'm going to stop and walk the dog. Jim thinks I need to give my hands a rest, which translates to, "you're way too obsessed with this right now."
Well, as usual I got sidetracked. The German Trip group is having a garage sale on Saturday and I didn't have much to sell, soooo I went through my yarn and bagged up some orphan skeins in felting yarn, craft/novelty, and crewel y
arns. Now I have room in that little cedar chest outside my office to put some of the projects in progress that I keep tripping over in here! I also found some toys that Ben can get rid of, as well as some extra Halloween stuff. I loathe garage sales, but any money Ben can put toward the trip is helpful. He's got an interview on Friday at the fitness center (lifeguard), which will be great if he gets the job.
Eevee's waiting patiently for me, and it's time to take a nice, long walk in the crisp fall air!

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