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Brrrr...5 degrees, feels like -9

It's chilly out there this morning! That's why we moved here, though. The Santa forest is on the mantle. That vent is ugly, but it's a functional fireplace and the heat from that vent keeps the downstairs warm. It's still ugly.
We have qui
te the collection, now. A fellow in Sherman, Texas carves them. I send him 12"-20" of our Christmas tree stump and about six months later, we get a Santa. They date back to 1998 (one year we had two trees). I can see one of the Pixies got in the photo, too. My two favorite Santas are the one in the green hat on the left and the unpainted hat on the right. It's fun to see where Danny hides the pom-pom of Santa's hat.
Great progress on Faye. No interesting photos to show. I'm almost done with the fronts. I kept messing up the neck edge. I'm fussy about decreasing cables for shaping because they can look funky. Now I'm happy, so it should be smooth sailing from here on--famous last words! I'll post photos when I begin to sew.
I found something for Joanne yesterday--he, he! I'm not tell-in'! I had a pleasant surprise this weekend. I'd done some early knitting, felting, shopping, and wrapping, so I'm ahead of the game this year. The required letter (always short and to the point) is finished, and I just have to print, stuff, and mail the cards. Jeez, I haven't been this organized since Germany. We had to send cards and gifts right around Thanksgiving for them to arrive in the States on time for Christmas.
I'll bundle Mom up and take her out today. When the snow flies, that won't happen, so we have to take advantage of the dry days.

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Kathy said...

The Santa dance line looks great. What a cool tradition. The old aluminum pole with the fake limbs hooked on just isn't quite the same, is it?

I'm jealous that you're ahead of the game. I have never been farther behind. Oh well.