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Minnesota's Gemütliche Ecke

Last night the Bavarian Musikmeisters performed a concert at the high school for the German Club/German trip. It brought back a bit of home (x2) to me. We had a bratwurst feed before the concert and it was such fun. I got Ben up to dance--his friends enjoyed that. He's graceful in the water--not on land! Ben's a good sport. He was also the Master of Ceremonies and did a great job. Jim and I also danced, which we haven't done for ages. I can't wait to get back to Germany this summer!
I'm working on the fronts of the Faye and it's progressing
quickly. Tonight's captain's practice, so I'll get two hours of uninterrupted knitting done at the pool.
My boots came yesterday! Yay! The boot toppers look nice tucked in them. Jim's mom requested bed socks this year. She and Debbie need new ones. I'll probably do two pair each for them. I have some fun colors in my stash of washable yarn. Kathy gave me Baba's Bed Socks pattern a few years ago, and I think it's a great for an easy sock pattern. They fit well and everyone likes them! Thanks Kathy!


Kathy said...

Very cute boots and toppers! I kind of forgot about the Baba Socks. That is a great pattern.

Sorry about today, but I did get a lot done. Are you busy on Monday? It would be fun to see you and catch up.

Deborah said...

I work on Monday from 11-1, but I can grab a cup of coffee and a bagel with you early if you like.