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When I was little, my favorite color was blue.  My sister and I shared a bedroom and when it was time to paint, I begged Pop to paint the room blue.  He painted the room a nice robin's egg blue, which I loved, but eventually the novelty wore off.  I haven't been a fan of blue as a room color since, and other than jeans I don't wear blue often.  The shop has some lovely cotton yarns currently in stock and to promote one of them (and make a new top) Paula thought the Bistro Shirt would be a nice way to show off Queensland Collection's Pima Fresca.  It comes in lovely colors--Carol's making a top with the orange and I passed up the green for a denim blue.  I love knitting with this cotton.  It has a nice thick and thin texture and is kettle dyed, so there's a little variation in the color.  The pattern is from Oat Couture and very simple and fast to knit.  I'm already on the cap sleeve shaping on the back.  It's a welcome break from my involved projects of lace, cables, and color work.  

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Joanne said...

What a great pattern! I LOVE blue. :) The yarn looks wonderful. I know you will enjoy the top.