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It's a good Friday in more ways than one...

Even though rain is in the forecast, it's going to be another lovely day.  The temp will be in the 70s again and it's a good day to open all the windows and let in the fresh air! 
The latest newsletter from the shop features some of my students (and me) wearing finished projects.  I'm so proud!  I finally downloaded a cute pattern for a quick project--Bunny Nuggets, by Rebecca Danger.  They are adorable and I'm making up four for the LYS owners.  I'll finish them today so they will have them before Sunday.  
Last night was Round Table and I can't believe we have one more before the steak fry in June.  I made Southwestern Egg Bake last night for the Dutch oven sample.  They were very good.  I brought along some red salsa, which was really tasty spooned on the eggs.  It's made with green salsa and chilies, so (as usual) I thought it needed some more color!
Poor Baci is trying to keep the Bunny Nuggets together for the photo.  They are now at the shop.  Paula was working and picked out the tan bunny.  They are so cute!
So much for the windows, as it decided to rain.  It's okay because we certainly need the rain.

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