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I'm springing!

We had some warm weather recently and it certainly put me in the mood for spring.  I can't believe the snow is all gone.  It melted quickly this year.  
I finished the Taiyo Top and I like the fit, but I have to play with arranging the large cowl neck when I wear it.  The colorway is a bit out of my comfort zone, because I don't wear plain stripes except for Fair Isle work.  The Stone Walls vest is coming along nicely.  I'm working on the front section and I am less than an inch from the neck shaping.  I think the weather will stay cool enough for me to wear it.  
29.03.10  I was able to wear my vest yesterday.  I love it--it's the perfect size and Rox took a photo of me wearing it and then one of me in the Taiyo Top.  It was a good day for projects from my students.  Mary wore her latest, and had another vest done, and then Melody, Judy, and Connie were wearing finished projects.  It's very satisfying to see the progress of each student and the pride they take with each finished project.  
The last photo is of what I call Big B--it's my variation of the Baktus Scarf.  I had this skein of Mango Moon Bali.  It's a great size for warmer weather.  
It's really feeling like Spring this week.  We're expecting temps in the 70s this week.  I may have to dig out my sandals this week--good thing I polished my toenails!

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Kathy said...

Love the vest! I'm sure you look like a fine lass when you wear it.

Enjoy the 70's. Free vacation, I say. BTW, you were next to me at the light by Wells Fargo yesterday,, but I just couldn't get your attention. You were really concentrating on your driving!