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Foot in the Door 4

Yesterday Ben and I went to the MIA to see the Foot in the Door 4 exhibit.  It was great fun to see all the art work on display.  There are 4,700 works by Minnesota artists on exhibit until June.  We took time to walk around and see our favorite paintings.  
We've been having rain and now it's foggy.  Ben and I ran an errand in Elk River to pick up flint and steel for Grey Wolf.  Of course, we had to poke around the antique shop in town and then ducked into the bakery to get some rhubarb fritter bread, peasant bread, and two cranberry white chocolate scones.  Om-nom-nom...as Ben would say.  I picked up a little vase at the antique shop.  I look for sheepy/spinning/or  knitting.  This was a bargain at under $3 and in perfect condition.  I think the little nest looks very spring-y for now.  I have to get the Easter decorations out this weekend.
Knitting...I'm working on the first sleeve of the Taiyo top.  I love the Noro cotton blend yarn.  I know it will be nicer when it's blocked, but I tried it on and it fits great.  I want to check the large cowl against Roxanne's shop sample.  I liked the way hers fit and don't know if she altered it.  I have to get busy on the Stone Walls vest because I want to wear that on Wednesday!  It won't be difficult to finish, I just need to dig in tonight after pizza and during Ghost Whisperer and Medium. 


Margie said...

Hi Deborah, that is indeed a sweet little next, with those blue green eggs. Hope spring is there or just around the corner for you. Hugs, Margie.

Kathy said...

Happy to hear that you're enjoying your visit with Ben. And the weather cooperates!

Tomorrow's St. Pat's...are you going to make it?

Deborah said...

I probably will finish it this week. Don't think I can do it today. I have other things going on...crumb...

Joanne said...

That is a great vase! Glad you were able to get to the exhibit and bakery. What fun!