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Olympic knitting and finishing

It looks as though I will only medal once this time around.  The Lopi Cardigan is causing me to continually disqualify!!!!  I'm fighting a cold and lost some knitting time for a couple of days.
We went to the college to watch the Div. III championship swimming.  Our guys won!  It was so fun to meet more parents and watch the kids swim.  The gals came in second.  What's even better--the men won by a huge margin without divers!
I've been busy the past week catching up with work around the house.  When Spring's just around the corner, it's time to thin out the junk!  I have four bags of clothing so far (for Mom and me).  Jim and Ben have to go through their closets and drawers, too.
07.03.10  Ben's home!  We went to the District Dinner and it was great, because Jim was one of four to receive the District Award of Merit.  He was very surprised, which we always love.  He's a very humble person and the award is well-deserved!  
I've been working on multiple projects--nothing new there--and now that the Lopi cardi is hibernating, I'm focusing on the pullover and the vest.  Our weather is beginning to warm during the day and we can see the grass.  Rain is expected for this week and will probably wash away most of the icky slop (one can only hope).  I love snow, but not the melting and dirty slop.  The shop got in lots of lovely cotton yarn and some spring-y colors of Cascade 220.  
The Fair Isle Scarf classes have been doing well and it will be fun to watch the progress and the finished projects, soon.  Very colorful!  Speaking of colorful, I finally re-finished the pansy sweater.  I'd made it for my sister when Ben was a toddler and didn't like the way I sewed it together.  It's been in pieces for quite some time, I'd bought new buttons, and this week I've been wearing it.  It's a lovely piece and now I feel like it's mine--I think Tishie would be pleased.


Joanne said...

Tishie would be pleased! The pansy sweater is absolutely gorgeous. I am really glad that you have refinished it and are wearing it now. Congratulations to Jim!!

Kathy said...

I'm drooling over the cables. Beautiful.

Good job on re-sewing your cardi. It looks great, too. Those are the kinds of projects I can put off forever.

Enjoy spring break. Our guy is coming back this Friday.

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, I have so missed your blog and you have been so busy even with fighting off the cold too. I will not be getting a new computer so will only get to use the one in work or my daughters laptop when she is home at weekends. I love the yarn in the top photo what is it, it looks a bit like the noro I knit for Leiny in 2008. Lovely to see you. Hugs, Margie.

Anonymous said...

Your working of the Duckworth pansy cardigan is magnificent. The dark background makes it even better than the original in my opinion. Fantastic.