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It's been a gorgeous week so far.  We are expecting some much-needed rain over the weekend.
I finished the cardigan!  I like it.  I'm always amazed how Lopi yarn blocks.  My sweater fits beautifully and smoothed out nicely.  I found buttons today, choosing some brass buttons to match the yellow in the yoke.  We're going out tonight and maybe I can wear it--it's still chilly when the sun goes down.
I'd like to do a steeked sweater again and may have to make an owl cardigan for the fall...


Kathy said...

Excellent! Great job. With all your knitting experience, I can't believe that this is the first time you've done steeks. Sounds like you like them better than I do, though. I think the knitting part is great--it's the not-knitting parts I'm not crazy about.

Enjoy your weekend.

Joanne said...

That sweater is just gorgeous! You really did a fabulous job with it.