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Sunshine and fresh snow

It's sunny today and there's a bit of snow on the ground--just enough to cover the yukky stuff.
Today's my housework day--ugh! Not much to do, just not my favorite thing to do! I decided to re-knit the Noro scarf. It was just way too long for my height. I cast on more stitches, and decided to slip the first stitch as if to knit when I come back on the second row of color. It's a mistake stitch rib, which has nice texture and shows off the colors. Ribbing is a multiple of 4 + 1, *k2, p2, end p1*, repeat for every row.
I finished test-knitting Joanne's Peek a Boo Mitts and love them! They were easy and fast to knit. I wore them yesterday over a pair of plain, bright pink gloves. Getting the photo was tricky. I had the camera set up at the computer, and had to hit the mouse button and pose my hands before the click!
Time to get back to work so I can have some knitting time before bells tonight.


Kathy said...

Housework! Blugh! I've been doing the same Cinderella deal here.

Your mitts are beautiful! Is Joanne hoping to get them published? You make as good of a hand model as George Costanza! Look out for the iron.

Joanne said...

Oh, your mitts look great! Thanks for helping me with the pattern.