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My second drop spindling class was yesterday. We had a blast. I'm amazed how quickly my students picked up the technique within three hours (and that included lunch!). I took a three-day class when I learned how to spin. The first day was the drop spindle, and then the next two days were on the wheel. MiniD and Jojo helped out and were huddled together by my coffee cup and basket of handspun samples.


Margie said...

Hi Deborah, you have been very busy since I last visited. Your class looks so interesting, I would love to attend. The photos are inspiring and I am so happy it was such a success. Congratulations. Those fingerless mitts you had in the previous post are a lovely colour, just perfect while the snow is still about. hugs Margie.

Deborah said...

Great to hear from you...I wondered what you were up to. What a rockin' party you had for Leiny!

Joanne said...

What a great class! Glad Mini D and JoJo were able to attend too!