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Keeping Christmas

Around the house at Christmastime...
Zach, Ben, and Scott got together and did some
Dutch oven baking.  One creation was delicious.
Lemon Blueberry Cobbler made with fresh blueberries
...and a dash of Jack Daniels "sauce." 
This was a gift from a friend last year and
has a place on Grandma's dresser in the
dining room for the winter months.
This little doll tops the small tree on the kitchen counter top.
She was made by Joanne.  :^)
This little fellow might be the only snow
we see this winter!
Jim likes to wear this hat.
Chocolate chip Heath Bar toffee cookies...
...and Brown Sugar Cut-Outs (bears, trees, and puppy dogs).
The puppy dogs were cut with Grandma B's cookie cutter.
This is about all the snow that showed up before Christmas. 
The Boy Scout side of the tree. 
Jim picked out the nicest little tree.
It brought back memories of Germany.
I love the tree-top angel.
I thought the key chain made a nice ornament.
It is a photo of Ben.

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