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The year, for one.  Welcome 2012!  This is a big year for Ben, as he will graduate in the spring.  We are excited for him and he is ready.  We had a nice holiday when he was home and had another couple over for New Year's eve.  We all stayed up long enough to welcome 2012 complete with champagne and poppers.  The weather turned and we now have some snow, which will probably be gone in a few days due to the unusually warm temperatures predicted later this week.
I took down the tree and decorations yesterday.  Now begins the tedious task of putting everything away for another year.
Gery Grey Wolf was in a festive mood.
Eevee found a spot by the door.  She likes Gery. 
With the warm temperatures, Jim took
the opportunity to take down the lights.
Up on the rooftop a little behind schedule.
We finally got snow on New Year's eve.
Happy New Year 2012!

In the New Year, may your right hand always be 
stretched out in friendship, but never in want.
~Irish Toast


skrapyram said...

Great pictures - your tree looks beautiful! And I am quite impressed you stayed up till midnight on New Years Eve. Pretty sure I was out on the couch by about 10:30. My decorations are down now, too, but they didn't come down until last Thursday. Always more fun to put up than take down . . . If you need snow, we have a little up here in Ely, but not much. Happy New Year!

Deborah said...

Thank you. Good to hear from you.

The Scoutmaster of our Boy Scout troop is checking with Okpik to see if they are still running the program. I think it would be difficult to haul a sled filled with gear this year!