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When the planets align...

...there is magic!  I had a spindle class on Saturday and there is a great sense of satisfaction and fun when a student has their a-ha moment of knowledge.  Whether it is controlling the drafting zone in spinning, or as in my case, picking up stitches for a neck band in seed stitch, when executed correctly it is a magical moment.
Sara shows off her first hand spun yarn.  
I picked up the stitches around the SWAK & Hugs for the seed stitch neck band.  So far, so good...the yarn is quite lofty and I hope it does not look too big when I wear it.  Humph, I am not happy with the collar or the arm band.  I did, however, find the perfect buttons.  Luckily I bought some a few months back when JoAnn, ETC had them and I needed two more.  They had them again!  Once I regroup and re-knit, I'll sew those lovely buttons on, block, and have a new vest to wear!
My current NBK (No Brain Knitting) project is a Baktus scarf knitted with Noro lace weight yarn.  I like the way the yarn over increase looks.  I began making the Lacy Baktus, but did not like the look of the fabric.  Noro has a thick and thin texture which lends itself well to plain stitching.  

So Fine Scarf on size US 1/2.25 mm needles
SWAK & Hugs Vest with the perfect buttons!
Last night at It's Your Choice, we had a good time.  The entrelac projects are progressing, a Fair Isle bag needed a bit of math adjustment and is looking good, some beautiful knee socks benefitted from a quick lesson in duplicate (Swiss darning) stitching, and some warm slippers are going to keep some feet warm, soon!  I thought I would be able to wear my vest, but I am pushing to have it finished along with the Tangled Vest by our next class!

Check out the previous post for upcoming classes and Spin-Ins at Shepherd's Choice.

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