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I was reading a blog the other day and noticed a familiar project.  It was from a 1978 issue of McCall's Super-Book of Knitting and Crochet.  I remember the project and felt the need to seek out the magazine.  I lucked out and found one with a day left on EBay, and won the bid.  It is on its way.  The postage is almost as much as the magazine, but considering how much magazines cost these days--it was a bargain.
I even remember the model's name--Sunny Griffin...
Is this a cool tunic or what???
Last night we had (BSA) Round Table.  My Dutch oven offering was Pumpkin Delight.  It was very good and popular.  The Cub Scouters were wandering in after word got around there was something good at the Boy Scout breakout.  It was cold yesterday, and I just ran outside about every 20 minutes to check and turn the oven.  Sock Monkey wanted to join me and he made a snow angel.  Not much help, but entertaining!  I was wearing quite the getup--short-overalls, tights, knee socks, hiking boots (untied), hat, and an over sized fleece top.  The neighbors probably think I am from another planet when I go outside.  
Preparing coals in a chimney.
Coals are placed below and on the lid to heat the oven.
My very attractive outfit.  You can see my slippers inside.
A Sock Monkey snow angel. 
Mmmm...this smelled so good and was yummy!


Jennifer said...

Deborah - I love this post. The Dutch Oven dessert looks delicious.... but the sock monkey angel has me in stitches. You are too, too funny!

Joanne said...

Well, if they thought you were nuts, when they came outside and smelled your pumpkin dessert, they knew better. :) Love your outfit. LOL!