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Ho ho ho, I'm looking at snow!

The holiday season has started and it is the countdown to Christmas.  I finished a fingerless mitt for the shop.  I did only one so they could put it on display for the open house last weekend.  It was good to catch up with friends and I took a bit of time to knit a couple of rows of the Eala Bhan.  This afternoon (Sunday) Jim and I will go over to Mom's and decorate her tree.  We put up some decorations yesterday and found that she needs new lights--we had plenty here and they are the really bright ones, so her tree really sparkles!
I have a few small projects to finish and get in the mail, and then it will be time to work on Christmas cards.
I stepped outside to take a photo of the snow.
Jim brought these home from work.
The marshmallow had chocolate in the middle.
The packaging is very cute.
Baby vest 2.  
Über pom pom
It's a cute hat--I made the smallest size.
Today I made a shop sample (in under two hours, even with the gigantic pom pom) using some oddments of super-bulky yarn.  I went a bit overboard with the pom pom maker.  I thought it was a bit much, but Kathy liked it and she had me secure a button on the inside to stabilize the pom pom.  It looks cute on the shelf at the shop.  After finishing the baby sweater, I made three crowns for the older sisters.  Very cute in bright colors.  I do not have much pink in the stash.  Last week I whipped up another baby sweater.  This one is plain, and was a quick and fun project to knit.
Eala Bhan is coming along at a slow pace.  Right now I am on row 19 (again) and hope to make it past row 21, which is where I mucked it up last time.

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