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My hands certainly get a work out.  We are back to painting the Advent banner as of Friday.  It is so close to being finished!  I took some photos.  It is large and we do not have much room to move around.
I finally got through the first couple of rows of the Eala Bhan and now I am working Chart A.  The Nepali Hat had the strangest fit, so I hand-felted it and manipulated the heck out of it before blocking it on my wooden form.  It will have a cloche-like appearance rather than making me look like a conehead and I call it the Kathmandu Cloche.  I have to dig through the project bags to find x_OTangledO_x, aka the Sakori Vest.  I think it has aged enough and it is time to add the edgings.  I know where the XO Vest is, but for some reason it will age a bit longer.  Of course, I received my Kauni solid yarn in the mail this week and now the New Box of Crayons, aka the Paintbox Scarf is calling to me.
We finished the Advent banner this week.  Today (Thursday) after Morning Break, we glued the edges of the canvas down.  This one will be up the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and I cannot wait to see it.  Lynne's design is amazing and it was a joy to work on this piece.

You can see our small work space.  
Speckled eggs in the lower right corner.
The yellow will be touched with gold,
so when the light hits it, it will glow.
The golden thread runs through the painting.
I like this area of the painting.
The drawing is Lynne's design and we
worked from it.
 My Kathmandu Cloche.  
The yarn for New Box of Crayons
Eala Bahn in progress on size TWO needles!

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Joanne said...

What a gorgeous banner! So much detail and work. Fabulous job.
Your projects are great, too. I am glad you showed the hat on, I was trying to figure out what it would look like on.