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New Hat

I finally finished the Nepali hat for the shop.  It really was not difficult to make, but for some reason I was having a brain block.  Once the lightbulb turned on, it was a breeze.  This sample is sized for a child.  It is a neat design with the built-in earflaps--a stash dive is in order for this afternoon!
This is the side view with the "earflaps."
We went on a drive to Stillwater and across the river into Wisconsin.  Jim was mapping out a bike ride.  We came across a little cheese house and bought a sampling of cheese.  After we finished the back road tour, we stopped in Stillwater.  I found a great skirt for $10 at Bronze, we stopped in the yarn shop (lots of goodies, but I resisted), and then had coffee and something sweet at the Bikery at the top of the hill.
A wonderfully creepy house across the river.

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Joanne said...

The hat is sooo intriguing! Great job on it. Love the house, too.