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Tying up loose ends

Road Trip Beret
Well, I don't tie knots, I weave in ends! It is time to get some of those WIPs finished. I started the Eala Bhan in class last night. Using 3mm needles and fingering weight yarn will make this a marathon endeavor. I think it will be a lovely sweater, though. I was going to top. off the Road Trip Beret with a little I-cord bump, but I did not like the look, so it will just have the stitches pulled tightly as in the pattern. The Halloween decorations are down and I went to Target and found a couple of decorations on sale--a cute door decoration and a felt table runner that looks good on the hutch.
The pom pom finishes off the hat!
I finished the Road Trip Beret.  It needed a little pompom on top and I like the color run back to the brown.  It's cold enough to wear it today.  Now to finish the shop sample hat.  I did not like making it, but the color and design show off the yarn nicely.  Next for the shop will be some scrappy toys.
The Eala Bhan swatch is coming along, although I have to drop a needle size already.  The 3mm is too big.  I am hoping that a 2,5mm will do the trick. 

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Margie said...

Great beret Deborah, the colours are amazing. I love the pattern too, big hugs, Margie.